Airport Services

Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Prague, Zagreb

station management, passenger handling, airport ticket office, dedicated check-in desk, customer service

Airport Ticketing & Customer Service

CEAS provides ticketing and customer service in its own airport offices for airlines who has no ticketing setup in Central Europe but CEAS has an office.

Please see our locations in the map below.

We believe that within the „e-world” (such as e-ticketing, e-boarding, etc.) it is still important for the passengers to meet and discuss with the airline ticketing representative in case of irregularity, or just for a last minute change in their travel plan.

Our multilingual, well trained ticketing and customer service agents are welcome our contracted airlines’ passengers at our landside Airport Ticketing Office or in the Tranzit area during the check-in time and will be at their service in case of irregularities till the situation solved.

Please find below some highlights about the services we provide for and on behalf of the airlines we represent:

  • Handle excess baggage cases
  • Sales of Tickets,
  • Issue of MPD, MCO, EMD
  • Issue of Ticket on Departure (TOD),
  • Voluntary & Involuntary Reissue Tickets
  • Issue and handle Flight Interruption Manifest FIM
  • Issue vouchers for DBC/DGC in case of default in transportation
  • Check that Tickets presented are not blacklisted
  • Provide refund of Carrier’s documents issued at Agent’s Ticket desk
  • Take physical inventory control of Carrier’s Transportation documents and maintain records.  
  • Report to the Carrier any irregularities.