Airport Services

Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Prague, Zagreb

station management, passenger handling, airport ticket office, dedicated check-in desk, customer service

CEAS provides operation support for the airlines who has no local station manager in Central Europe, but CEAS has an office.

Please see our locations in the map below.

CEAS also help for airlines setting up new routes, without big investmet in staff and infrastructure, providing station management and supervision services.

Our multilingual and well trained operation staff controls - on behalf of our airline partners - all providers’ (Ground Handling Agents, Catering, Security, etc.) performance and act when necessary to achieve a smooth turnaround and a healthy operation for the Carrier.

We are acting according to the Operation Manual (OM) and Passenger Handling Manual (PHM) of the represented airlines and follow their procedures in case of any irregularities.

Please find highlights about the services we provide for and on behalf of the airlines we represent in our „Document storage” page. All documents from the document storage are downloadable in PDF format. Please also note that all of the mentioned services are based on Annex A of IATA SGHA 2008 (AHM 810)